Build a Kit - Traditional - Attack/Middie/Defense
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Choose your own custom colors to string your traditional pocket with. All of our string is made by us with High Tenacity nylon inside and out for exceptional durability and consistency. All of our hockey lace is made by us and is available in three different materials, Acrylic, Polyester, and Nylon. You may also add 4 Pocket transfer screws to your kit, use these small barrel screws to attach your leathers or runners to the top of the lacrosse head when stringing a traditional pocket. Traditional pockets can now be moved to different heads without having to restring the entire pocket by simply removing the screws and sidewall strings.

 Each kit comes complete with:

1- 10 Yard Coil of Crosslace

2- 30" HT Nylon Sidewall strings

3- 34" Hockey Lace Shooters

1- Stringer's Shack 4"x6" oval decal


Does not include Leathers or Nylon Runners, only the stringing materials.


  • Item #: BKAMDTRD

Build a Kit - Traditional - Attack/Middie/Defense

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