100 Yard Spool 10mm Shooting Lace
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Hockey lace? No. Cotton Shooter? No, did you want your shooter to absorb water? Stringer’s Shack decided to go back to the drawing board with our shooting lace and bring you what we feel is the best shooting lace available! We found a high-quality raw material with a cotton feel to meet the demands of lacrosse players. We listened to you guys and made them with 33% less material, we know how you like everything to sit flat on your mesh. We also went upstairs to the braiders and made a tighter, denser weave on the shooter, creating less stretch and more consistency. We did all of this because we wanted to bring you a high-performance lacrosse shooting lace.

  • Item #: SPOLY100

100 Yard Spool 10mm Shooting Lace

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