TradiTree Howies Hockey Tape
TradiTreeHowies Hockey Tape

What is TRADiTREE ? It is a tool to aid you in stringing a traditional lacrosse pocket in modern field heads. After you string the sidewall, TRADiTREE sits on the back of the head and holds the four leathers in place as you string the traditional...

At the Stringer’s Shack, we are always looking for high-quality products to offer the lacrosse community. We were looking for a high-quality tape and we found one, Howies Hockey Tape. Boasting 68 strands per inch, Howie's cloth stick tape...



Lacrosse Guru Stringing Revolution DVD Stringer's Shack Gift Certificates
Lacrosse Guru Stringing Revolution DVDStringer's Shack Gift Certificates
E ver missed the goal 20 feet wide and looked down at your pocket, poking around with it as if it were to blame for your embarrassing whiff? As a Lacrosse player, if you don't know how or why your stick is throwing a certain way, nothing is to...

A great holiday gift for your favorite laxers. Available in $25, $50, and $100.