Traditional Stringer's Box
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 A Stringer's Box for the traditional stringer. You will receive enough material to string two pockets plus a roll of tape and a TradiTree.

  • 8 24" leathers (when you choose a color all leathers will be that color)
  • 2 10 Yard Coils ofCrosslace (when you choose a color both coils will be that color)
  • 6 32" 10mm Shottinglaces(when you choose a color all laces will be that color)
  • 4 32" Sidewall pieces (when you choose a color all string will be that color)
  • 1 TradiTree of your choice
  • 1 1"x25 yard roll of Howies Hockey tape
  • Item #: TSBOX01

Traditional Stringer's Box

Price: $45.00
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